How to really mess up a covert video surveillance – #2 Now that you have selected the best camera for the surveillance, you need to position the camera for the best view. It is not always easy to find an ideal camera location for a disguised camera, so many times a compromise is needed.

Almost all covert cameras are supplied with 3.6 or 3.7mm lenses, which are considered to provide a wide angle picture. In reality we could call it a “mild wide angle”. You want to get as far back from the main subject as possible, so that you can get most of the room in the picture, right? Wrong.

One of the most common mistakes is to try and get everything in one picture. This will lead to a very small part of the picture showing the actual activity that is required for good evidence of a crime. Recognition of people and merchandise may be essential evidence and you need to consider this in placing the camera, rather than going for too much area. Try to concentrate the view on just what will be needed, based upon suspected past occurrences.

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