We reinforce our core values more by discussing real instances of recent events that are worth discussing for their failures even more than the successful ones.  Part of our core values are in accepting the mistakes of employees and management and using those examples to learn and to not make similar errors.
At our core, is the understanding that our customers not only are needed, but also to truly care about our relationship with customers and to want to help them.  We treat customers & employees the way that we want to be treated.  We reinforce our values by complementing our team when they go beyond normal, in assisting customers & each other.  We also understand the importance of making a profit, but there are times when we need to sacrifice profit to correct mistakes and keep happy customers.

Barry Levine Founder & CEO
Sperry West A 30 year old manufacturer of body temperature warning cameras & covert video cameras for government & industry, to assist with catching criminals.

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