Construction sites frequently experience theft by knowledgeable criminals, who are after tools as well as major construction equipment. These sites also attract less sophisticated burglars who are just looking to find something they can quickly sell. They now realize that with many police departments experiencing “defunding”, the likelihood of being caught is very slim. Even if they are caught, they will probably never be prosecuted.

Professional guards are absolutely required to secure most construction sites, but is that enough? Often the best solution involves the use of video cameras along with at least one guard to view as much of the facility as can be reasonably covered by cameras. It is always best to deter, rather than to catch criminals. Deterrence will only occur when a guard is present to scare off the thief or vandal.

In large sites, it is best to employ at least two guards with a means of communicating, so that while one or more guards are patrolling, they can be in touch by radio or cell phones with another who is monitoring the video cameras. This system can work during the day and at night. Covert cameras can be used where employee theft is involved, so the thief believes he (or she) is in a less protected area, but will actually be recorded.

Barry Levine Founder & CEO
Sperry West A 30 year old manufacturer of covert video security cameras, body worn cameras, body temperature warning & facial recognition cameras.

Mr. Levine has served on the board of directors of the NYC Police Reserve Association, was president of two ASIS chapters and has held many volunteer positions supporting people in our military.

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