A world famous cosmetic company’s headquarters, had a special locked security room where they kept high value incentive prizes for their top sales producers.  The room was always kept locked and the keys were held by trusted management people. But, quantities of gifts kept “disappearing”.   

Covert cameras were installed inside the “special” room.  Within a week, more items were missing and several employees were identified on the video.  None of the perpetrators were issued keys, so it was important to establish how they obtained entry.  A covert camera was then installed outside the room, to see exactly who opened the door. Late one night, the video showed another intrusion.  The thieves did not possess a key, they simply removed the pins on the door hinges as they were on the outside of the door! Sperry West Video Commander Kits make it easy to set up surveillance & succeed.  See them on our website. 

New from Sperry West————Spyder Doorbell.  Two models available, 760 resolution and 1080 resolution, both with 5 year warranty.  These units transmit to smart phones, using free Apps and Include inside “bell” (chime).  No wiring needed, rechargeable batteries included. Sets up with QR code & voice prompts.


Barry Levine is CEO of San Diego-based Sperry West, maker of
Spyder® video cameras and Video Commander® surveillance
kits. Levine has been leading video security companies for 40
years. He can be contacted at (858) 551-2000 or

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