Alarms, CCTV & Access Control, are three of the most popular systems used to deter crime and even occasionally to assist in capturing crime.  Along with several other devices, they can be very helpful, particularly as aids to situational awareness. If you are utilizing these technologies, why should you also consider being prepared to employ covert video cameras and systems?

Inevitably, crimes will occur, despite all efforts at deterrence.  The most costly and often damaging of crimes may be committed by employees of the facility.  Reason (excuses) are varied, but often the perpetrators have rationalizations that they believe gives them real reason to commit theft, vandalisim, harassment or other crime.  The use of covert video can very often lead to recording the actual crime and even conviction in court, when necessary. 

Being prepared and ready to set up a covert surveillance quickly when needed is an important key in clearing cases promptly.  Complete surveillance kits like Sperry Wests “Video Commander Kit” is one of the most trusted, reasonable and successful “tools” to have ready to set up, catch the criminal, take down and be ready for the next set up as needed.  These kits provide huge benefits, often paying for themselves with the first use. The ROI is exceptional. It also beneficial that your security department is able to show real positive results.


Barry Levine is CEO of San Diego-based Sperry West, maker of
Spyder® video cameras and Video Commander® surveillance
kits. Levine has been leading video security companies for 40
years. He can be contacted at (858) 551-2000 or

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