Many things have become over complicated, where we may wonder if it is the product or is it us, who can’t seem to make it work.  Video security cameras were easy for most people to hook up and use. Not so easy for many of them today. What happened? TVI happened as well as CVI, AHD, POE and enough acronyms to confuse anyone.

Even worse is the fact that most of these initials are not compatible with other initials!  All of these have complicated what was once easy. This affects every camera security system today, sometimes even the covert ones.  Sperry West makes cameras in all of these and other formats to fit with what our customers need. Plain old NTSC format with BNC connectors is still in wide use as the resolution has vastly improved in recent time.

Setting up a covert surveillance can be made quicker and easier using our Video Commander Kits, which are designed for many uses, but always simplicity.  Please see covert cameras and Video Commander Kits.  Our techs can assist you in choosing the right equipment for your need.  Thank you,

Barry Levine is CEO of San Diego-based Sperry West, maker of
Spyder® video cameras and Video Commander® surveillance
kits. Levine has been leading video security companies for 40
years. He can be contacted at (858) 551-2000 or

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