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Infrared Series

Infrared cameras record, night and day

Infrared cameras offer huge savings and convenience over traditional cameras with housings. Ultra clear pictures in normal light conditions, fast switch to B&W with auto infrared illumination for zero lux operation.

  • SAVE MONEY — Install in half the time of traditional cameras
  • Easier to maintain for less than the cost of most equal quality cameras, housings and mounts
  • TRADE SECRET — use as a low cost form of illumination to the subject area!
  • Mounts included, indoor or outdoor use
  • Great clarity with superior  resolution

More Reality for Facial Recognition

Expectations for facial recognition are often assumed to be better than in actuality. For instance, a camera might see a large object clearly at 50 feet away, but, that does not mean that something as small as a face can be recognized. Where you see “reality check”, it indicates that Sperry West® has done practical testing under average conditions, so you know what to expect with facial recognition.

Infrareds are color in daylight — B&W at night with automatic sensing & switching to infrared.


  • Economical waterproof  VARIFOCAL camera. Simple to use outside adjustment knobs (tech lockable). Top and bottom mounting (mount included). Quick switch day and night.

    • Up to 100 ft. range
    • 3.5mm – 8mm lens
    • 420 horizontal resolution
    • 42 LED
    • DC 12V
    • 90mm x 185mm
IR Video 42-LED Camera 100′ range

Corner Mount Blue Camera


  • The most ideally-suited camera for elevators and room corners. Installs securely in the corner between ceiling and two walls.

    600 line resolution
    3.7mm wide angle lens
    features a blue led for even more crime deterrent

Single Concave Corner Camera Color
Single Concave Corner Camera Hi-res Color


  • Most powerful.

    • 160 ft. range with a 20-25 ft. facial recognition range
    • 16mm lens
    • 420 horizontal resolution
    • 6.5″ x 3.5″
IR Video Camera 160′ range


  • High quality integral mount with cable path.

    Up to 165 ft range with 25 ft facial recognition range
    Varifocal 4 – 9mm lens
    520 horizontal resolution
    DC 12V
    36 LED